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Buried Treasures

A memoir writing workshop with a twist

In the movie Titanic, the memory of a diamond necklace gives Rose (Kate Winslet) a sinking feeling as it whips her back to that momentous voyage. 


Smells, tastes, sounds and objects can powerfully evoke memories. A piece of music can return you to a teenage disco; a discarded fishing reel to a special time with a grandparent.


These memories are part of the makeup of the rich composition that is today's you.


For the Buried Treasures workshop, you’ll bring five items that conjure stories from memories, which will form the basis of either an anthology, memoir or work of non-fiction.


Buried Treasures is for writers of all levels, even beginners, who want to learn the secrets of writing compelling fiction and non-fiction.


Set in the Zoomosphere Jeanette offers 5 x 2hr workshops where you’ll;

  • Find your voice and ignite your creativity

  • Learn about the ingredients of a good story and creating characters

  • Discover how to show rather than tell

What previous workshop participants said

"Jeanette's writing workshop was an enjoyable adventure.  I learnt to use more descriptive words and how to construct informative and interesting sentences." Geoff

"From the outset, Jeanette challenged us and soon had us writing. Her message was clear: a writer’s priority should be to inform and entertain. She highlighted different styles of writing and asked us to consider the use of setting, activity, colour, context and tone. Our main item of ‘homework’ between workshops was a 500 word ‘flash piece’ on a subject of our choice. I found this most rewarding, including the group’s constructive comments on my crime thriller piece, and now appreciate the benefit of a deadline..." Greg

More testimonials


Dates: 11, 18, 25 August, & 1, 8 September

Time: 7-9pm

Location: Zoom

Cost: COVID SPECIAL PRICE of $35 per 2hr session = $175 for 5 weeks


Numbers are limited. Bookings are essential. To book -, or

"Jeanette’s creative writing course was excellent. Held over two evenings, I found it enjoyable, testing and very instructive, which was a good combination. Writing is a craft and Jeanette clearly knows it well. Her teaching included awareness of different aspects of writing, short written  on the spot exercises and positive critiquing. All very good and a course to be recommended to future writers of any level."  Bruce Renowden

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