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From a garden design perspective, a tiny garden can challenge the imagination just as much as a big one.


(The Age newspaper.)

Decked Out

To achieve an optimally performing home that doesn’t leak cash, energy, or the elements, take a holistic approach. Cover all the holes. Conduct a household audit and you may notice plenty of ways in which your house is haemorrhaging energy and lacking the “green” factor. 

Sustainable Homes

If you are one of the millions of dedicated viewers of the Academy Awards, then why not go Oscar wild this year and stage your own “viewing” party? “bling” in the celebrations with people you really love. You can shmooze the room, get “papped” and say fatuous things like what Kim Basinger said on winning her 13½ inch gong at the 1998 Academies, “I just want to thank everybody I've ever met in my entire life.”

Academy Awards
From Zappa to A-List
Don't Mock Federation

Back in 1969, JAZZ GREAT DUKE ELLINGTON heard pianist and composer Allan Zavod perform in Melbourne and told him, "I'm going to help you get to America." And America is where the adventure began for the self-assured teenager who was already wowing audiences with his eccentric performances. Sadly Allan died recently, after receiving the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM), Jan 26, 2017, for services to the performing arts and composition. However, his inspirational story lives on.

Heritage architects visibly blanch at the mention of a mock Federation house. Slap on a finial or a gable, create a band of coloured brickwork and voila, you have ‘Federation’. Spec home builders try with limited success to imitate the style. Original Federation homes reflected the way of life of early Australians, the character of a newly emerging nation and the building materials that were then available. Nowadays these homes are highly sought after period pieces. Around 40 years ago you couldn’t give them away, now the cost of a heritage home, be it Californian Bungalow or single fronted cottage, is exorbitant.

The Logic behind biosimilars

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Community Pharmacy Barometer™ is a comprehensive research tool that tracks the atmospheric pressure of pharmacy professionals whose confidence, perceptions and opinions are gauged regarding many aspects of a pharmacists’ life.

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