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What clients say about Jeanette

“Jeanette Leigh was one of the star performers when I managed The Age Promotions and Advertising arm; a group of 30 or so full-timers and part-timers who were professionally able to write the truths about various products.


We published a supplement dedicated to big and small businesses – from real estate to recruitment, and whether they advertised or not, Jeanette painted a picture of their performance in their field.


Jeanette’s words were always polished and attractive reads and her stand-out ability was to comfortably meet deadlines and always handle clients thoughtfully.


Above even that, she is a natural writer with a high degree of empathy shining through her prose.”

Dallas Swinstead, Editor, The Age Newspaper

"Jeanette Leigh has the ability to take almost any subject, from real estate, new products, health, showbusiness, architecture, engineering and so on and make the subject compelling reading for the layman.
She uses humour, insight, jargon-free language and her unique personal style to create a memorable piece of writing. 
I eagerly look forward to anything she writes on anything. I know it will be damn good."


Brian James, Communications Services

"We have been pleased to use Jeanette for many voiceover and TV producer/presenter requirements. We have no hesitation in recommending her for any role for which she may feel qualified to apply." 

Rui De Souza, Founder and Director Kine Graffiti

"I have had the pleasure of commissioning Jeanette to write detailed articles on a range of topics. I first worked with Jeanette in 2003 in her capacity as a board member of KidSafe Victoria. Jeanette was a key player on the editorial committee for the KidSafe magazine which included her incisive input, editorial contributions and attention to detail.

As a freelance journalist, Jeanette has been commissioned by my firm to provide articles on a wide range of subject matter, which is a testament to her creative thinking and ability to adapt to the brief. All of her editorial contributions were on time, on budget and above all, were well received by our readership. 

Jeanette is a joy to work with and has provided skilled editorial input reflecting her long experience as a professional communicator and writer."

Ric Navarro, Director Marketing and Communications, NDY

"Jeanette Leigh worked as a media consultant for me during my period as managing director of

Archicentre, the housing advisory service of the Australian Institute of Architects. She has an exceptional knowledge of how the media works and an excellent writing and communication style.


During our association, she wrote media articles, conceived and organised public lectures and was involved with our overall public relations events including print media, radio and television.


Jeanette has a remarkable ability to work with other people and groups, seek sponsorships and 

negotiate partnerships with compatible organisations and associations."

Robert Caulfield, Director, Caulfield Krivanek Architecture

"Jeanette’s creative writing course was excellent. Held over two evenings, I found it enjoyable, testing and very instructive, which was a good combination. Writing is a craft and Jeanette clearly knows it well. Her teaching included awareness of different aspects of writing, short written tests on the spot for the attendees and positive critiquing. All very good and a course to be recommended to future writers of any level." 


Bruce Renowden

"Jeanette's writing workshop was an enjoyable adventure.  I learnt to use more descriptive words and how to construct informative and interesting sentences."


Geoff Steinicke

"Recently I attended a workshop for emerging writers run by published author and journalist, Jeanette Leigh. The two by two-hour sessions were held in a small café in Carlton with a group of people from different backgrounds and ages.


From the outset, Jeanette challenged us and soon had us writing. Her message was clear: a writer’s priority should be to inform and entertain. She highlighted different styles of writing and asked us to consider the use of setting, activity, colour, context and tone. Our main item of ‘homework’ between workshops was a 500 word ‘flash piece’ on a subject of our choice. I found this most rewarding, including the group’s constructive comments on my crime thriller piece, and now appreciate the benefit of a deadline.


I learned about the importance of interviews (even for a memoir) and that ‘cut to the bone’ editing was essential, preferably with input from an outside editor.


Jeanette ran the two workshops most effectively and the time flew. She commented to each of us on our given tasks but included everyone in her suggestions for improvement. I found the atmosphere she created of individual space within a group dynamic most uplifting. Her positivity and obvious knowledge made this an extremely worthwhile activity and has encouraged me to really have a go ... and write!"


Gregory Ross

Actor & Funeral Celebrant

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